Reinventing Corporate Mobility

We are building a mobility ecosystem and a more sustainable world at the same time

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Changing how the World Moves

At RYDES, we create mobility solutions to provide real benefits for employees and companies while fighting climate change. We are building the platform bringing together all players to unleash the change in how the world moves around.

We are tackling an exciting problem that affects everyone daily. We challenge the status quo and are (re)defining the way we want to move into the future.

Our Values

Customer Obsession

We start with the customer and work backwards. We think big, find ways to make it simple and go beyond expectations

Challenge the status

We take responsibility for challenging ourselves, our industry and the status quo. We don’t take anything for granted and solve problems in an unusual way

Succeed as a team

We succeed as a team and fail as a team. We are conscious about our personal achievements, but aware that the toughest problems are better solved together

Ownership & Action

We proactively take ownership and make it happen. Speed matters, we take calculated risks and are not afraid to revert our decisions. Mistakes are part of the journey

Fight climate change

We are committed to building a more sustainable world for future generations and making sustainable mobility easier for everyone

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