All advantages at a glance

Our RYDES App: Usable worldwide
Usable worldwide
Our RYDES App: Access to all mobility
Access to
"all Mobility"
Our RYDES App: Automate CO2 compensation for your Mobility
Automatic CO2
Our RYDES App: Urban Employee Mobility
Our RYDES App: All booking at a glance
All journeys
at a glance
Rydes mobile app home screen.Rydes mobile app card screen.Rydes mobile app card details screen.Rydes mobile app history screen.Our RYDES App: How it works

How it works

1. Registration

After activation, employees can register in just a few steps.

2. Receive card

After registration, each employee receives a personal RYDES mobility card.

3. Start driving

Employees can now use the card in all mobility apps and get around worldwide at any time. Yee-haw!

4. History

Mitarbeiter:innen können zu jeder Zeit nachvollziehen wann und mit welchen Anbieter sie gefahren sind.

5. Offset

Following each trip, RYDES offsets the C02 footprint for a better environment.