How a mobility budget can help with a return to the office

We explain how companies can create incentives for their employees and give tips on what it takes.

How can I use my mobility budget? Use case examples

In this article, we will show you four examples of how to use the RYDES credit card. When it is particularly useful and how it facilitates the everyday business of you and your employees.

Mobility budget as a company car alternative: SAP follows the trend

Mobility budget as a company car alternative: SAP follows the trend.

Employer branding & Mobility budget

Why employer branding is important for your company and how the answer can be a mobility budget

Reduce your admin workload with better mobility management. 

We give you all the tools and insights on how to reduce your HR workload and gain back your precious time.

RYDES expands its funding round and enters into a cooperation with Solarisbank and Visa

The B2B mobility platform RYDES, offering companies a flexible CO₂-neutral mobility budget, expands its pre-seed funding round and launches the RYDES Mobility Card in partnership with Solarisbank and Visa.

How do you choose the best mobility budget platform that is right for your Team?

While Mobility budget platforms are piquing interest with HR teams, finding the right platform that fits all requirements can be hard. That’s why we put together this quick checklist that will help you easily identify the best mobility budget platform in the market.

Your mobility budget guide: Everything HR teams need to know

One of the key impacts of COVID-19 on the workforce is the increased adoption of remote working. But this has also led companies to think long-term and the need to provide as much flexibility to their employees going forward – which has led to an increase in the implementation of the Mobility Budget.