How you benefit from RYDES as a travel & expense manager

Easy and digitalYour employees settle their mobility expenses directly via the mobility budget card when they book their journey. If they have bought a ticket at the ticket machine, they scan it and the app does the rest.

Time saving and paperlessThe flexible and digital solution makes your work easier. You no longer need to worry about the paperwork of travel expense reports.

Individual and flexible travel planningWith our solution, your employees can easily book their own trips on business trips. They will enjoy the freedom and flexibility they have gained.

No more lost receiptsYour employees don't have to collect every receipt and you don't have to chase receipts for travel expenses.

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More freedom with full cost control

Everyone in the team has different travel habits. Now you can truly meet the needs of all your colleagues with less effort. For many colleagues, it's also inconvenient to claim travel expenses privately and wait a long time for reimbursement.

Offer your colleagues a mobility budget for their business trips. This makes business travel easier for them and for you.

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Your colleagues always carefree on the road

The mobility budget card allows your employees to book and pay for all means of transport worldwide, regardless of the provider.

Have your colleagues ever failed to pay for a public transport ticket with the credit card? Don't worry, with the RYDES app they can scan their tickets and have the costs reimbursed automatically.

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Seamless integration with your tools

RYDES works with your existing HR ecosystem to enable agile mobility and benefits administration for today's flexible work environments.

We give you the clarity and control you need to optimize benefits programs and improve employee satisfaction through flexible mobility solutions and digital administration.

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