The RYDES mobility benefit card for employees

Mobility as a monthly benefit. With our Mobility budget solution you can let your employees decide how they move.  Offer a flexible and sustainable mobility with public transport, car sharing, taxi, bicycle and e-scooter sharing. Attract new hires and improve employees’ work-life balance.

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#1 Mobilitätsbudget in Deutschland
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For Employees: The #1 mobility budget in Germany

Are you looking to offer your employees a flexible mobility benefit? Then opt for the RYDES mobility budget today.

The RYDES mobility budget is defined as a monthly or annual mobility allowance that companies provide to their employees for travel to work or private trips.

Our platform solution provides your employees access to all mobility providers. With our RYDES mobility app, your employees can access their mobility and use any mode of transport - worldwide.

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For companies: How does our mobility management platform work

Everyone in your company can receive a mobility budget. Whether for travel to work, business or leisure, with the RYDES Mobility Budget you can use any available means of transport, anywhere in the world.

Set individual budgets for your team members and provide support by giving every one access to mobility.

Our platform is tax optimized for many mobility services.
This means that the credit can be used for public transport tickets as well as other mobility services such as bike sharing, scooter sharing, car sharing, cab and other ride-hailing services.

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Create the workplace of tomorrow
with the RYDES mobility platform!

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Make digital mobility your employer differentiator. Improve the work life balance  of your employees.  Offer full flexibility in how they travel for work. Win the war for talents. Attract and retain the best talents with the RYDES digital employee benefit.
Offer your employees full flexibility: Your employees come by rental bike in summer and by public transport in winter. Utilize the full flexibility of the RYDES mobility budget. The RYDES mobility budget provides access to all modes of transportation worldwide. With our digital mobility solutions, your employees decide how best to get to work and do it sustainably.
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Full cost control and reporting. Thanks to the simple onboarding processes, the time required for administration is reduced and with easy employee management via the RYDES dashboard, you always keep an eye on the costs. In addition you can connect to your company HR tools. You define the budget and use the dashboard to see the cost overview.
Access to all mobility worldwide: Choose from thousands of mobility options. Give your employees the freedom on how they want to move around. The RYDES mobility budget provides access to all modes of transportation worldwide.
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Make sustainability a core priority: Offset your company's mobility today and contribute to a CO2 free environment.  Measure, report and offset your carbon footprint. Compensate your emissions through our certified projects.
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How it works

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Set an individual mobility budget for your employees in our dashboard.
Employees book their preferred mobility via the RYDES card, at any time, at any place!
Everyone is happy!
That's it - increased employee retention rate will make you shine in your business!