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More freedom with public transport ticket reimbursement

RYDES offers you and your employees the possibility to refund tickets that were not paid digitally with the Mobility Budget Card, but e.g. purchased at the ticket counter or at ticket machines.

With the RYDES reimbursement function, your employees have flexible access to all means of public transport everywhere.

Whether bus, tram, suburban train or underground. Employees simply scan the purchased ticket and upload it to the RYDES-app.

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How does the reimbursement feature work in practice?

1. Employees can use all or part of the mobility budget credit you provide each month for public transport reimbursements. The budget can be individually divided between the RYDES mobility modules you offer in the RYDES-app.

2. Employees can upload their tickets for public transport on a monthly basis and claim the amount back up to their allocated budget.

3. You as a company receive the information in your monthly mobility report that your payroll department needs for the reimbursement to the employees.

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Offer flexible mobility with our
with the Reimbursement feature

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Empower your teams with efficient mobility.
No more admin hassle. Your team member upload the tickets and that is all the upkeep that needs to be done. HR avoids spending time approving all the receipts and tickets.
Full cost control.
Decide for yourself what type of mobility your employee's use and how much they can spend. Our feature can be used with any feature module you decide to use.
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No paperwork icon.
One invoice, no paperwork.
Receive an overview from RYDES once a month, detailing your employees' business travel expenses. Forget about chasing bills and public transport tickets anymore. Your reimbursement chores are now gone.
Make sustainability a core priority
Offset your company's mobility today and contribute to a CO2 free environment.  Measure, report and offset your carbon footprint. Compensate your emissions through our certified projects.

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Which public transport tickets are eligible for reimbursement?


All tickets that can be assigned to public transport, i.e. tickets for public city and regional transport, such as single tickets, day tickets, monthly tickets, job tickets and subsidies for tickets, both for trips to the office and for private trips.

Your employees buy the tickets, scan the ticket and upload it to the RYDES app. Your employees use it to document their travel costs and you reimburse them via the mobility budget.

How do employees track the cost of their public transport tickets in the RYDES app?


Your employees buy the tickets at the counter or ticket machine, scan the ticket and upload it to the RYDES app.

RYDES checks the provider of the ticket, the ticket price, as well as the date, time and validity period of the ticket.

As far as the tickets can be assigned under public transport, the tickets are approved and saved by RYDES.

Your employees use them to document their travel costs and you reimburse them directly via the mobility budget. Your employees can then view their new credit balance in the RYDES app.

What is the company's tax advantage using the reimbursement feature?


If you grant the mobility benefit as a travel allowance in addition to the agreed salary, the reimbursements can be made tax-free via payroll.

Alternatively, you can also grant the tickets and reimbursements instead of salary. For companies, this is not only more cost-effective than a company car, but also encourages employees to make climate-friendly and healthier journeys to work.

This pays off for companies in many ways. They can offer their employees additional benefits and at the same time promote sustainable mobility.

How can employees use the mobility budget for public transport journeys?


If employees receive a mobility budget as a travel allowance from their company, they have three options with RYDES to book and pay for public transport tickets with their credit. RYDES Mobility Budget Card.

1. Book and pay with the RYDES Mobility Budget Card in the apps of the public transport companies.

2. Job ticket. Book and pay for a job ticket in the RYDES app.

3. Public transport reimbursement. Buy the ticket at the counter or ticket machine and get reimbursed via the RYDES app.

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How it works

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Easily create a new card for your employees for business travel.
No matter when and where your employees pay with their RYDES card for all mobility used for business.
Upload Receipt
Receipts are easily stored in the RYDES app.
That's it!
100% paperless, no more reimbursements or time-consuming expense reports