Offset carbon emissions and go CO2 neutral.

Offset your employees’ carbon footprint no matter what mode of transportation they rent, with RYDES.

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CO2 offset screen in the RYDES mobility budget mobile app

Gesamte CO2 Kompensation durch RYDES 4850 Kg of CO2

Make the world a better place to live with sustainable mobility


Why we offset?

At RYDES, we are committed to creating a more sustainable world for future generations and enabling sustainable mobility for all. Therefore, it is out of the question for us not only to support the sharing economy, but also to offer our customers CO2 neutral mobility.

Total CO2 compensated by companies using RYDES

Support the offset initiative you prefer

We carefully select our offset partners and projects and aim for immediate impact. We enable them to put together an effortless offset solution that matches your brand, values and needs.

Nicaragua reforestation initiative by RYDES

So funktioniert unsere Kompensation:

RYDES kalkuliert die vollständigen CO2 Emissionen aller Fahrten, die über das Moblitätsbudget getätigt werden. Dies inkludiert die Emissionen für Operations, Instandhaltung und Infrastrukt. Als Kalkulationsgrundlage dient uns eine Studie des Lufthansa Innovation Hubs (Link).
Mit unserem Partner offsetAPI kompensieren wir die vollständigen CO2 Emissionen indem wir eines von 30 gold zertifizierten Kompensationsprojekten unterstützen.

How it works


Calculate: RYDES calculates the full CO2 emissions of all journeys made via the mobility budget. This includes the emissions for operations, maintenance and infrastructure. The calculation is based on a study of the Lufthansa Innovation Hub (Link).

Compensate:  With our partner, offsetAPI, we compensate company CO2 emissions by supporting any one of the 30 gold certified offset projects you like.

Communicate: Let the world know that you’re on track to achieve your sustainability goals!

CO2 emission & offset screen in RYDES mobility budget

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