The fuel & charge card as a mobility management solution. Everyghing explained

Main points:

  • Quick take away. With the digital fuel & charging card from RYDES, your employees can fill up, recharge and pay directly at several thousand filling stations and charging stations - cashless via app.
  • Hybrid card. The fuel & charge card is a hybrid card. This means that you and your team fill up and charge with just one card. This makes fuel cards from different providers superfluous.
  • No paperwork. If your employees pay with the fuel & charge card, there is no more annoying paperwork and the time-consuming submission and reimbursement of fuel receipts is a thing of the past.
  • Flexible budget. Your employees decide individually whether they want to spend their mobility budget on mobility options or whether they want to use it to top up their fuel & charging card.

A hybrid card that combines refuelling and electricity charging

Fuel cards are popular with companies whose employees commute to work by car or who have their own fleet of vehicles.

They allow employees to make uncomplicated cashless payments by card without having to submit a receipt to the company's finance department after every tank of petrol and wait for a refund.

However, many fuel cards on offer have two disadvantages:

Firstly, they are usually limited to the petrol stations of a single petrol station operator.

Secondly, they only allow refuelling with conventional fuels such as petrol or diesel.

However, the future belongs to electric drives. Not least due to the EU-wide ban on the combustion engine from 2035, the number of electric cars is growing and with it the number of charging stations.

Electric cars are more efficient than vehicles with combustion engines and also much more climate-friendly. This is because they do not emit any CO2 during operation.

However, as the number of electric cars grows, so do the demands on companies.

They have to create the best conditions for their employees to make the switch to electric vehicles a success.

In addition to charging stations and designated parking spaces at the company site, this includes in particular a hybrid card that combines filling up with petrol and diesel and charging with electricity at charging stations. 

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Cashless payment via app when refuelling and charging

The RYDES Fuel & Charge Card is part of the RYDES mobility solutions and is especially aimed at employees who are (still) dependent on their car. The fuel & charging card enables your team to refuel or charge their car at several thousand petrol stations and charging stations.

You can use the RYDES hybrid card to refuel conventional petrol and diesel vehicles as well as to charge electricity for plug-in hybrids and electric cars.

This allows you to cover both with a single card and you have access to several thousand petrol stations and charging stations from different providers. This reduces the administrative effort for you and offers your employees far more flexibility than limiting yourself to one service station provider.

A card for both protects you for the present - the majority of vehicles are (still) powered by combustion engines - and makes you fit for the future. Because the future will be electric.

The advantage with a card: Especially at charging stations, billing is anything but uniform. 

And the attractive thing about it for you and your team: No more paperwork. Your team no longer has to submit fuel receipts. You and your team no longer have to deal with tedious and time-consuming reimbursement processes and expense reports. 

Everything runs digitally and cashless via the RYDES app and the fuel & charge card.

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The advantages of the fuel & charge card at a glance

  • Dense filling station & charging network. The RYDES fuel & charging card offers your team a dense network of petrol stations and charging stations. This way, your employees can find the cheapest petrol station in their vicinity.
  • 100% digital. With the fuel & charge card in the app, your employees pay cashlessly and without the hassle of carrying around analogue fuel cards.
  • Reduced administration. A hybrid card means less time spent on you, as there is no need to manage different fuel cards.
  • Drive on faster. With the fuel & charge card, your employees can pay directly at the pump at most petrol stations. They receive the digital fuel receipt by e-mail and can continue their journey directly.
  • Can be used throughout Europe. Your team can use the fuel & charge card not only in Germany, but throughout Europe for cashless payments.

How the RYDES fuel & charge card works

  • Your employees get access to the RYDES app and log in.
  • They decide to use all or part of the mobility budget you provide for the fuel & charge card.
  • RYDES takes care of the provision of the fuel & charging card in the RYDES app and charges the card according to the decision of your employees.
  • Your employees use the fuel & charging card at several thousand filling stations and charging stations.
  • It all works 100% paperless. No more time-consuming reimbursements or expense reports.
  • You and your team will be happy about a simple and flexible solution for refuelling and charging their cars. This leaves you more time for the really important things.

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