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All the mobility for your business - the flexible and sustainable mobility benefit

Instead of cash bonuses or company discounts: offer your employees a monthly benefit that makes their everyday life easier.

The first platform in Germany that really gives your employees access to all transport modes. Whether as an employee benefit or for business purposes. Now there is a mobility service to suit every requirement.

Give your team access to all mobility service worldwide with our mobility budget solution.

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Make a tangible difference and achieve your climate goals - don't wait, do.

RYDES automatically offsets your employees' entire transport carbon emissions. Contribute to saving our environment and reach your ambitious climate goals in no time.

Everyone will thank you: the planet, your management, your employees.

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Global mobility for international teams - with one mobility card

With the RYDES Mobility Budget Card, your employees can pay flexibly for their private or business mobility at any time, anywhere in the world. Whether in the office or remotely in a home office, co-working space, vacation or during a workcation abroad.

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RYDES and will increase your employer branding.

Reduced admin effort
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More time for the essentials

Manage all of your company's employee mobility in one platform with just a few clicks. No paperwork anymore - everything is 100% digital.

Connect your HR, Payroll and Tax tools with RYDES and save valuable time so you can focus on the things that matter. Bye, bye admin workload.

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Our customer feedback speaks for itself

"We are happy to offer our employees this flexible mobility benefit in collaboration with RYDES. People can choose from a variety of transportation options through a user friendly platform with the added benefit of tracking and offsetting their CO2 emissions."

Freya Steffen, Senior Director, International Employee Experience @ HelloFresh

"RYDES allows us to offer a convenient and sustainable mobility solution to our employees. We improve our environmental impact and our employees' flexibility. A win for all."

Christine Wang, MD Lufthansa Innovation Hub

"With RYDES, we provide our employees with a monthly mobility budget that they can use freely according to their wishes. At the same time, the cooperation enables us as a company to support climate projects and effectively compensate for CO2 emissions. A great product."

Nico Szeli, Co-Founder von Warehousing1

“Before coming across RYDES, we offered Jobtickets that needed to be reimbursed to our employees and verified by our finance team, taking up time and costs. With RYDES, we can offer our employees flexible mobility without any advance payments that need to be refunded. It’s a benefit that is hugely popular amongst our employees and also was also very easy to roll out and handle internally. The RYDES support team has been outstanding.”

Dilan Türkan Yüzmüs Senol, Senior Manager People & Culture @ Zenjob

Freya Steffen
Freya Steffen
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Christine Wang
Lufthansa Innovation
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Nico Szeli
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Dilan Türkan
Yüsmüs Senol